Wildlife Control

Trusted experts with over a decade of experience in the exclusion, removal, extermination and humane control of Wildlife – Local Pest Control 778-828-6094 works with you to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment at your home or business facility.

We specialize in employing fast, effective and environmentally responsible wildlife control solutions for:

Birds, Rats, Moles, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, Bees, Wasps, Bats, Mice and other Wildlife Exclusion.

Many of the above animals encroach, live and cause significant damage to your home and property, or else forage for food, invading garbage containers to leave a trail of trash for homeowners to clean up. Still others grow to become a nuisance wildlife pest, and may turn to pose a serious health risk issue in terms of allergens which can trigger asthma and other respiratory diseases to small children and pets.


PigeonFinalIt is not easy to come to think of birds as pests. But when birds congregate or roost in large numbers they can lead to lost business, contaminated products and cause extensive structural property damage. Certain species of birds such as Pigeons and Starlings are especially bothersome because they feed on large quantities of food and contaminate even more, signaling unsanitary conditions. They also add to public health threats because they harbor disease organisms such as Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis (Pigeons) that can be transmitted to humans. Geese can become messy and aggressive during mating season scaring humans while trying to defend their territory. Others carry bacteria and allergens and spread disease into our food, water and air. Their nesting and feeding habits also lead to unsightly building ledges, balconies, roofs or any large openings, which can block air vents or present fire hazards.

Local Pest Control, an approved member of the Structural Pest Management Association of BC will work with you to eliminate your bird problem in an environmentally responsible manner. This may include the use of physical exclusion methods such as netting, spike strips or wires or inclusion of baiting, trapping and use of mirrors and lights and other removal techniques to ensure the same. Besides, Local Pest Control will ensure that the area is properly cleaned to minimize any health risks, and that preventive measures are added to avoid future re-infestation.

Rats, Moles, Raccoons and Squirrels

RatFinalRaccoons, moles, rodents and squirrels are very common in BC cities and the lower mainland areas.   Their healthy population poses an ever greater threat to homeowners as they are capable of damaging and leaving behind a mess (or foul smell) in your attic, or home. Also the accumulation of feces in and around home can present dire health consequences.

To protect your property and to make it a safe place to live Local Pest Control specializes in hands-on removal techniques and raccoon or rat proofing of your homes.


BatsBats are found everywhere in the world except for Antarctica and some remote islands. British Columbia’s diverse geography is home to 16 of the 19 bat species in Canada, with bats living in forests, grasslands and urban areas across the province. BC bats use a variety of habitats for roosts, including trees, caves, mines, buildings and bat houses. Areas near fresh water and trees are often preferred by bats. BC Bats play an important role in the ecosystem as voracious consumers of insects. Bats are effective insect hunters, with many bats eating their body weight in insects each night! Despite the adaptability of bats, habitat loss is a major threat to bat populations worldwide. Many of our bat species are at risk due to the loss of their roosting and feeding habitats, as well as pesticide use that can poison bats. Other serious threats, like White-nose syndrome, a deadly fungus that has been spreading west across North America and killing hibernating bats, also puts stress on bat populations.

At Local Pest Control we have a registered professional biologist, and his main interest is in bat’s habitat, conservation and their interaction with humans. With more than 5 years of experience working as a wildlife biologist, he knows how important is for our environment to protect our biodiversity, but also I recognize that some species are not very welcome for landowners. With his experience as a bat biologist he can help solving any bat problem providing safe exclusion for bats without killing or harming them. Also, together with Local Pest Control group, we offer the installation of bat houses. Bat houses provide important roosting habitat for bats, giving them a safe place to rest, rear their young and be safe from predators. Bat houses are an excellent way to enhance habitats that lack natural roosting spaces, like old hollow trees, and help attract bats to areas with lots of insects!

As the caretaker of a bat house you will have the opportunity to observe bats as they enter and leave the roost. By reporting your observations you can directly help us to monitor and protect bat populations in BC, providing valuable information that can be used to protect bats and detect threats like White-nose syndrome. Your help makes a major difference in conserving local bats!

To learn more about how to manage bats download a 2 page overview of 7 Steps to Managing Bats in Buildings
or for a more information download the 16 page overview of 7 Steps to Managing Bats in Buildings

Our knowledge, expertise and process focuses on the following five areas:

  • Understanding how urban wildlife has encroached and adapted to find food and shelter in homes and business spaces.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection and provide with an estimate outlining the work necessary to solve the wildlife intrusion.
  • Conducting and employing humane animal removal techniques of – Exclusion, Baiting, Trapping, Clean-up or Prevention to protect the animals as well as homeowners and employees.
  • Repair damages caused by wildlife intrusion.
  • Installing preventive and animal-proof methods to keep the animals out for good.

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